The success of many health programs is due to the community’s confidence in health promoters

their cultural sensitivity and the possibility of accessing the community in a different way. A health promoter is a person who is prepared to share information about health issues within the community and doing so with patience, love and understanding. 

Are especially effective at working with hard to reach populations that may have limited access to health resources because they usually come from the community they serve. Promoters help communities better understand health information by providing in their language and giving examples that are relevant to the community culture.  

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Mission: Promoters for Better Health is an organization of community leaders invested in their communities, by promoting safe neighborhoods, strong families, and a better quality of life.

This organization’s Vision is to bridge the clinical aspects of medical care directly with underserved populations, while strengthening the community and empowering community members. 


  • Alejandra Martinez -Executive Director
  • Board of Directors:
    • Salvador Armijo,-President
    • Debra Porada- Vice President
    • Michelle Bernardino- Treasure
    • Mayra Serrano- Past-President
    • Nayar Brera- Secretary

Wells Fargo Bank Account number: 5206124462

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