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Promoters for Better Health

Promoters for Better Health serves vulnerable and undeserved communities in South California, including the Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

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What participants are saying about our programs

“Although my time interning at Pomona’s Health Promoters has concluded, I continue to take an active role in my community. For starters, there has been a great change in the lifestyle and diet of my family because of the information I have been able to provide them. I have encouraged my family to increase their physical activity and change their unhealthy dietary behaviors. The greatest achievement was witnessing my younger sibling telling his friend to limit his consumption of sugary-sweet beverages because it can lead to diabetes. Just recently I participated in the Summer Passport to Health and Fitness Event where I, alongside the Promoters, spoke to over 300 community members about the importance of physical activity, nutrition, and emergency preparedness. Also, I participated in the Summer Nutrition Program proving classes to children about nutrition and fitness. More so, throughout my neighborhood, I hand out flyers of future events organized by the Pomona’s Health Promoters because I understand that their busy schedule hinders them from receiving the wonderful resources provided by the Pomona’s Health Promoters.”

Miriam Navarro

“The program of promoters has allowed me to educate myself and develop in different areas of my life impact positively in the emotional social psychological and occupational area thanks to the structure and philosophy of promoters I have learned to plan and visualize real goals and in the short term the leadership of the program has motivated me every day to work in the community as a volunteer contributing the best of me as a person, as a volunteer and as a health educator, adopting a real commitment with myself and the community.”

Nayar Brera

“My name is Maria Diaz, I am a mother of 4, two boys and two girls. I am happily married. I am very proud to be able to call myself a Promoters program for over 3 years. This program has helped me overcome obstacles in so many different ways. When I first started the program I was struggling through depression. I was doing through a very hard time in life. This program gives me purpose. The health promoters program taught me not only to live a healthy lifestyle, but be able to provide healthier options for my family. Because of the teaching of the promoters, I am now able to spread my newly found passion with others. The program given me the tools to be able to succeed in life, while keeping my life balanced. Thank you Promoters for Better Health.”

Maria Diaz.


The first group of 25 Promoters was recruited and trained in March 2015 in Pomona, California and another cohort of 25 Promoters were trained in April 2016. Since then, the need for more Promoter programs has increased and several community partners have worked with our Promoters. In order to meet the increasing demand for Promoter programs and to more efficiently collaborate with community partners and meet the specific needs of Hispanic communities, Promoters for Better Health was created as a non-profit in February 2019.


Promoters are residents and community leaders trained in providing community health education as well as information on disaster preparedness, nutrition, physical activity, leadership, community resources, and advocacy They are invested in their communities and promote safe neighborhoods, strong families, and a better quality of life.

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Mission: Promoters for Better Health is an organization of community leaders invested in their communities, by promoting safe neighborhoods, strong families, and a better quality of life.

This organization’s Vision is to bridge the clinical aspects of medical care directly with underserved populations, while strengthening the community and empowering community members. 


  • Alejandra Martinez -Executive Director
  • Board of Directors:
    • Salvador Armijo,-President
    • Debra Porada- Vice President
    • Michelle Bernardino- Treasure
    • Mayra Serrano- Past-President
    • Nayar Brera- Secretary

Wells Fargo Bank Account number: 5206124462

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