Nutrition and Cooking demos

Learning objectives:

  • To understand What is obesity and overweight and why these diseases can cause serious health problems among Latin American migrants .
  • Learn to assess the nutrition status of people through various tools How to calculate healthy weight and waist circumference.
  • Understand some terms or vocabulary related to nutrition and health as it is the energy density that will help us choose the right foods to maintain a healthy weight .
  • know What is a food diary and what is served.
  • Point out how the behavior of a person with obesity or overweight can affect your life in different contexts, for example, at family and professional level.

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This organization’s Vision is to bridge the clinical aspects of medical care directly with underserved populations, while strengthening the community and empowering community members. 


  • Alejandra Martinez -Executive Director
  • Board of Directors:
    • Salvador Armijo,-President
    • Debra Porada- Vice President
    • Michelle Bernardino- Treasure
    • Mayra Serrano- Past-President
    • Nayar Brera- Secretary

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